Take Action


Buy Less, Only Buy What You Love

We at Think the World Differently love clothing, but we love our planet too. The most impactful thing that that we can each do to create a clothing industry that does good by people and the planet is to buy less. And then when we do shop, we do so consciously, with an eye to pieces that bring us joy and that we look forward to wearing and treasuring for years to come.


Host clothing swaps for your friends and family, or at your workplace. Or attend a clothing swap in your area.

Rent items from a clothing library in your area.


Take Proper Care of Your Clothing

Wash clothing on full loads, in cold water. Studies have shown that cold water is just as effective as hot water.

Follow washing instruction. Wash delicate and luxury items by hand, or have them cleaned at an eco/wet-cleaner. Treat stains properly.

Air dry your clothing, and skip the ironing when you can, as this saves energy.

Repair old garments, including taking in or letting out garments that no longer fit - learn to sew, attend a fix-it, or employ a local tailor.


Divert Waste

Consign or rent unwanted or under-worn garments. Or donate to a charity. Or give away to a friend, or at a clothing swap.

Recycle unsalvageable clothing and textiles.


Buy Better

Shop second hand - thrift, vintage, or consignment.

Wait 24 hours before purchasing anything; this reduces impulse shopping, and increases the chance that you will only purchase items that you really love.

Before you purchase a new item ask yourself questions such as: Can I afford this? Do I need this? Why do I want this item? What do I know about this retailer, and do they operate in a way that aligns with my values?

Establish limits on how many new items you will purchase per year (6-12 new items a year is a good rule of thumb).

Consider saving up for "investment pieces" that you will keep and maintain for your whole life.

Make a commitment to purchase items that are made ethically and sustainably. Start small - commit to 10-20% of new purchases being ethical, and work your way up to 80% (or 100%!).

Install apps like Good on You and Done Good that take the guesswork out of shopping ethically.

If you want to get involved with Think the World Differently directly, send us a message. Tell us a bit about who you are, where you are, and why you want to get involved.